refreshing cocktails, local gastronomy and vinyls

At the Bar of the complex you can taste dishes inspired by quality local products, herbal infusions and choose from a range of cocktails and drinks.

Try the new harvest of wine and tsipuro right from the vineyards of the estate and enjoy the music from all over the world!

Kid's Planet

this is where fairytales begin…

Besides ensuring comfort, the organization of the outdoor area aims at familiarizing the family with the natural environment.

Just beside BBQ, the specially designed children's playground, in addition to the wide variety of games it offers, strives to emphasize the development of their imagination, their mood for observation and adventure, and their familiarity with nature and its materials such as wood, stone, soil.

Browse with them in the gardens with the aromatic herbs and the summer vegetables, smell and taste the fruits, while learning the type of each plant.

Explore the microcosm with your children, climb with them in the tree-house, enjoy the starry summer sky. Let the children weave the fairy tales.

For the kids


Kids pool

Children’s linen and towels

Baby cots,,

Baby chairs

Toilet seats





Swimming pool

Small pond

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor kitchen

Deck chairs and Parasols around the pool


6 acres garden with olives, vines, mediterranean herbs and flowers

Room services


Daily maid service

Handmade embroidered linen

Massage Services (upon request)