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Achieving a harmonious collaboration among the members of an extended family who envisioned and largely materialized the construction of the stone houses in 2009, was an exercise commensurate with the necessary respect that had to be guaranteed to the landscape and the way it existed in the estate Our wish is the discreet coexistence and the respect both between the employees in the business and the visitors and between our tourist activity and its natural environment, what concerns the management of natural resources and common goods.

To this end, the structures were built exclusively with recycled local stones of old collapsed houses of the area, while heavy masonry provides them with the necessary insulation throughout the year. Their orientation as well as their design contribute to the proper utilization of the cooling loads of the area, contributing, with the necessary sensitivity from the guests, to a reduction of the electric consumtion through the operation of the air conditioners.

The interior of the houses dominates the wood treated with ecological paints while the interior decoration tries to recycle creatively old, traditional and non-traditional objects and furniture. In the daily housekeeping, ecological cleaning products are used in principle to minimize chemicals as far as possible, so as in the management of pool water. The linen are being washed with care in our special facilities at ta Petrina, were we try to limit the useless use of detergents and softeners.
Moreover, by using energy-efficient devices (washing machines, dryers, irons, low-energy lamps) and by adopting in our everyday life practices such as recycling (separating plastic, aluminum, glass) and economy of natural resources of water and electricity, we can all together reduce our environmental footprint. In this context, five solar collectors were installed ensuring a sufficient amount of hot water, while with the biological cleaning that operates in the tourist unit we do not burden the aquifer and the surface waters with sewage deposits in the region.

The cultivation of olive trees, vines and summer gardens is done by using ecological traditional techniques and is based on the use of minerals (such as zeolite, copper, calcium and sulfur) and hand-made antiparasitics (such as propolis, soap and alcohol). Our sensitivity to maintaining local biodiversity has led us to plant local varieties of vines and to experiment with the maintenance of traditional seeds for our vegetables. We here in Petrina continue to be inspired by the particular morphological characteristics of the area that are the ones that allow the occupation with tourism and at the same time with agriculture and fishing. In the autumn, the picking of the olives and in spring time the pruning of the olive trees, the cultivation of the vine throughout the summer and the harvest in September, the pressing of the grapes by the new members of the family and the first must, the preparation of paragadi (traditional fishing) and its gathering in the dawn are only a few of the activities that visitors have the opportunity to observe and that inevitably determine our daily contact with what is called the local ecosystem.